cultural visits

The local Pokot people are one of the last remaining tribes in Kenya who have been relatively unaffected by Western influence. A visit to a Pokot homestead will give guests the opportunity to learn about these colourful people, their traditions and lifestyle.

Typically you will be shown around their hut, see how they milk their cows, light their fires by rubbing together two sticks and draw blood from the cow to drink, an important part of the Pokot diet. They may dance for you or invite you to fire their bows and arrows. They usually have a variety of genuine artefacts including items made of leather, metal, wooden or beaded products for sale.

The Njemps people live on the eastern shores of Lake Baringo. They are cousins of the better-known Masai, and very different to the Pokot. You can walk around a local village to see how the people make balsa-wood boats, which they use for crossing the lake and fishing. They will also demonstrate how they smoke fish, construct their simple houses and keep their livestock. There is a small nursery school here, where guests can meet the children and enjoy a song or two.