interesting excursions

A variety of excursions can be undertaken from Samatian. Explore the neighbouring Rift Valley lakes, or venture into the lush Tugen Hills. Please browse this section for more information.

Lake Bogoria: This nearby soda-lake hosts thousands of flamingos as well as many species of birds, which flock around its sinister steam jets and bubbling hot springs. It is also possible to see a variety of wildlife, including the rare Greater Kudu, as well as the more common beautiful Impala, Zebra, Grants Gazelle and Warthog to name a few. It is also an important birding area.

Bogoria National Reserve Fees:
Resident/citizen: adult – Ksh 200, child – Ksh 50
Non-resident: adult – Ksh 2,000, child – Ksh 600
Vehicle (depending on size): Ksh 100 – 500

Kapedo: Kapedo is a beautiful spring sixty kilometres north of Baringo. As well as offering stunning scenery Kapedo is home to some interesting local people – the Turkana tribe. Geologists have a theory Kadepo may be the outlet of lake Baringo. Hot, crystal clear water gushes out of the ground and passes through a series of waterfalls to join the Suguta river, flows on towards Lake Turkana, its banks fringed with Doum palms. We would Picnic under the shade of the palms next to the Suguta River, full of crocodiles. Fishing or bird watching whilst you eat your lunch. There is a Turkana settlement with a women’s group who design beautiful baskets from the Doom leaves. Karpedo is not for the faint hearted, being in the Suguta Valley it it classed as one of the hottest places on earth!
Tugen hills: A steep, winding tarmac-road takes you into the heartland of Kalenjin country, where the people are regarded as some of the best runners in the world. This cool and lush forested area provides a delightful contrast to the hot, rocky country you have left below. The Tugen hills are also home to Orrorin Tugenensis, which is the second oldest hominoid skull in the world. It was discovered in 2003 and archaeologists have dated it back 6 million years. There’s a museum, perched on the edge of the hills, which is very informative. Visits to local, rural schools and traditional African markets, as well as a picnic, make it a memorable day out.

Lake Nakuru Narional Park: (recommended for guests staying 4 or more nights) Only one & a half hours drive south of Lake Baringo lies Lake NakuruBuffalo, leopard, Rothchilds Giraffe, This would be a day trip with a picnic lunch. home to many large mammals and an enormous amount of wildlife.