Impala Translocation Form Old Pejeta Ranch Completed

We are excited to have recently translocated 35 impala from Old Pejeta Ranch in Laikipia into the Ruko Conservancy on Longicharo Island opposite Samatian.

They are thriving in their new home and they have already attracted another herd of impala that stays close to them on the other side of the seclusion fence. Two of the impala’s have given birth and many more are pregnant. In November we are reintroducing five Baringo giraffe (Rothschild’s) to the island to take part in a breeding program.

These will be the first of the Baringo Giraffe to be seen in the area in over fifty years! We also hope Longicharo will become a sanctuary for any animals that need rescuing. In time we will expand our efforts into the whole 19,000 acre conservation area.

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