News Update – July 2010

At last we have seen an end to the drought and the lake has risen at least six feet in the last couple of months. Baringo is buzzing with activity as everything has been rejuvenated after the arrival of the rains.

The wildflowers, particularly the Heliotropiums, are out in bloom and thousands of butterflies and banded Groundsels (a type of dragon fly) fill the skies. With the coming of the rain the Goliath, Grey and Black Headed herons have once again started to breed on the southern end of Samatian, which is the only heronary on the lake.

Flamingo numbers on Bogoria have been unusually high. Our professional bird guides Cliff, Alex and Lokoti have had a fantastic year. The lake bird walks on the shore line opposite the island have provided amazing opportunities to see up close an abundance of waterbird including the black egret (or umbrella bird) who use their wings to shade the water to attract fish, the shy and spectacular Purple Swamphen, the Little Bittern and the African Jacanas (lily trotters) – the female of which can have up to thirteen ‘husbands’ that she breeds with leaving them to raise the chicks. These are just a few of the five hundred plus species of birds found on Baringo.

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